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          Cell phone long in bed charging, ignoring the security of invisibility.
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          When many people like to sleep, put the phone on the bed to charge, one is easy to pick up, and the second seems to be willing to put the phone down when sleeping. But will a cell phone charge its head every night have an impact on people's health?


          Immune functioning cells

          According to a Chinese study, cell phones are placed within 30 cm of the body to charge, affecting the body's immune function cells and reducing their number. Charging at a distance of 30 cm from the human body can significantly reduce its impact. Therefore, when sleeping and resting, should try to place the mobile phone at a distance to charge.



          Influence on sleep quality
          In sleep, all human functions are undergoing orderly self-repair. It is necessary to provide as much as possible a Anjingshushi environment to allow the body and brain to get enough rest. The closer the distance between the mobile phone and the human body, the greater the radiation; The radiation generated during charging is larger than that generated during standby. Therefore, charging at a closer distance during sleep can affect the human central nervous system, leading to symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and insomnia.



          Flammable and explosive

          When the phone is highly used, the loss of charging wires and eating chargers of the mobile phone is faster. If you do not pay attention, you may buy irregular power adapters, which directly increases the chance of explosion of the mobile phone. During sleep, the condition of the mobile phone can not be kept in mind at all times. Bedclothes and other items are also flammable and explosive items. Therefore, the explosion caused by placing the mobile phone on the head of the bed during sleep can not be ignored.

          After charging your phone by the bed every night, because people are so dependent on it,KRECO advises not to go to bed too much every night. This is not only good for your eyes, but also not to use the power adapter every night  Charge.


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