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          Car charger 90% people use is wrong, you use the right?
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           The working principle of the car charger
          Put the car cigarette lighter socket 12 v voltage into 5 v voltage and through the USB charging line recharge electronic products. Car charger is generally will be 12 v (12 v cars, trucks and 24 v) dc converted into 5-20 v dc for vehicle-mounted mobile devices.

          Car charger use matters needing attention
          1) do not insert in the car before the start of car charger, car charger in order to avoid the vehicle starting voltage damage.
          (2) the owner at the time of use, do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, strong detergent to clean the charger. Because it can seriously damage the function of the car charger.
          (3) pay particular attention to in use process not to put, fall to the ground, the car charger free throw knock or shake the charger and when summer vehicles long-term stagnation and the car don't use the charger when temperature exceeds 45 ℃, this will seriously damage the inside of the car charger circuit board.
          (4) on-board charger as one of electronic products, the owner is in use process, should pay attention to don't cry because it is not carefully into the water or long time need not when exposed to moisture in the air, so will the internal electronic components lead to different degree of corrosion and oxidation.
          (5) the vehicle should place the car charger unplug after flameout. Although 80% of the vehicles are pulled out the key and stop cigarette lighter power supply, but there are also part of the car cigarette lighter is a continuous power supply.



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