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          Safety regulations for power supplies are very important
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          PC power supply when use, are likely to be wrong or short circuit, the power itself is also likely to fail cause output voltage is not normal, therefore, in the design and manufacture of power supply, is a very important part of security specifications. The protection of the power supply has two aspects, one is to prevent burning other accessories, in addition to protect themselves from being damaged.
              Power supply of external protection mainly overvoltage and undervoltage protection, that is to say, when the power supply output voltage high or low to the abnormal, the power supply will stop working. It is very important for the whole machine, because all of expensive components, such as CPU, hard disk are relatively weak, it is easy to burn out due to too high voltage.
              To prevent this kind of situation, need for power of each output voltage monitoring. Power supply designer is through sampling circuit on output voltage sampling, sampling signal back through a comparator after receiving control part. Once the output voltage is unusual, real-time sampling signal reflected, inform the control part to turn it off. It can effectively protect motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive, cd-rom and other precious parts. If a power fast over-voltage protection is very important for the whole machine. Current in order to prevent burning and power are set the fuse.
              Good power supply PCB with fireproof material, when consumer is buying power fuse, the main work is when the current is too large when suddenly, burning fuse, as long as replacing the fuse can continue to use the power supply, so the fuse of the resettlement way is very important, must be designed to change the type, there are some manufacturers in order to save costs, the fuse directly welding on the PCB (printed circuit board) of power supply, fuse once burned, the power supply was scrapped together! The link cannot be cut corners!
              Good power supply PCB with fireproof material, when consumer is buying power, can through the cooling hole carefully check whether the power supply PCB to use fireproof material. Commonly used number 94 where v0 fire retardant material, can resistance to high temperature of 105 degrees. As for the 94 v1 fireproof material, can endure temperature is higher. Another outside the power each parts required and heat shrinkable film, prevent electronic parts because of moisture or dust caused by short circuit.
              Safety specification is to ensure the safety of the user's life and property as a starting point, to power electric products in such aspects as raw materials of insulation, flame retardant made strict rules. Meet safety specifications of the products, not only requires the power itself conform to safety standards, also require manufacturers have perfect safety production, quality assurance system. If not, it's easy to fail.