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          Do you know the difference between the power adapter and charger?
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              Introduce the charger with the difference between the power adapter before today, first of all know what is the charger, what is the power adapter.

              The power adapter is refers to the power supply of electricity to provide equipment, such as computer host power supply, printer, power supply, monitor power supply, these not charger. Power adapter has small volume, multiple security protection, energy conservation, environmental protection, long service life, widely application, etc, can be roughly divided into desktop type power adapter and into the type power adapter, multi-channel power adapter, USB power adapter, and so on. Most of the mobile PC power adapter can automatically detect 100 ~ 240 v ac (50/60 hz). Basically all the external power supply, mobile PC and host connected by a line, so that we can reduce the volume and weight of the host, only a handful of the electricity supply model built in the host. Have a nameplate on the power adapter, marked on the power, input and output voltage and power flow indicators, such as paying special attention to the range of input voltage, this is the so-called "travel power adapter". The power adapter charger is included, but the charger does not include the power adapter.
              Charger is only for the battery power supply, is on the basis of switching power supply and charging a detection and control circuit, such as constant current, reverse connection, floating, charging pressure automatic adjustment and so on. A USB charger is common, and mobile phone chargers, laptop power supply, storage battery charger and so on, the charger is usually to translate into appropriate dc voltage 220 v, according to the variety of rechargeable batteries, can increase a charge control circuit, has carried out on the rechargeable battery charging function.
              So the power adapter cannot be used as a charger. In order to avoid damage to the battery. If the power adapter as a charger to recharge the battery, the consequences are either charge, will either overcharge damage to the battery.



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