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          The principle of ultraviolet disinfection lamp
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          UV disinfection lamps are usually divided into high pressure, medium pressure, and low pressure. In our daily disinfection, we mainly use low pressure. The country has obvious regulations on the disinfection effect of ultraviolet lamps. Generally, the ultraviolet lamps can be used for 8000 hours, and some products with excellent quality can reach 13000 hours of life. After the continuous advancement of technology in recent years, healthy home appliances are constantly being updated, and ultraviolet sterilization products are constantly increasing. Next, the editor introduces the principle of ultraviolet disinfection lamp and the harm of ultraviolet disinfection lamp for everyone. Interested friends can take a look!
          ◤Principle of ultraviolet disinfection lamp
          The principle of ultraviolet disinfection is to destroy the DNA of microorganisms, damage the internal structure of DNA, and transform it into a function of reproduction and self-repair regulation, and finally achieve the purpose of killing bacteria. The use of ultraviolet light for sterilization can be colorless, odorless, and free of chemical residues. It is now increasingly used in the field of water treatment. It can replace traditional bleach and chlorine to disinfect water. Canada has been using ultraviolet lamps to treat water since 1982, so it is widely used in many countries and regions.
          ◤UV disinfection lamp hazard
          The ultraviolet lamp uses the ultraviolet light emitted by the mercury lamp to achieve the sterilization and disinfection function. The ultraviolet energy emitted by the ultraviolet lamp is transmitted, and if there are no protective measures, it is extremely likely to cause great harm to the human body. If the exposed skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, the mild ones will appear red, swollen, itchy, and desquamative; the severe ones will even cause cancer and skin tumors. At the same time, it is also an "invisible killer" of the eye, causing inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea. Long-term exposure may cause cataracts.
          Due to the long history of UV lamp development and continuous improvement of technology, it is widely used in our modern life. The use of UV lamp disinfection includes: hospital disinfection, kitchen disinfection, living room disinfection, bathroom disinfection, bedroom disinfection, basement disinfection , Using items for disinfection and many other places, the ultraviolet light has the most obvious disinfection function on the family, it will not cause any pollution and impact on the family, thus ensuring that our home environment is pollution-free, playing a huge role in our lives In medicine, as long as irradiating white mice for 20 minutes, it will produce obvious adverse symptoms. Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to internal tissues, if only peeling. It can be cured by applying some medicine, but the damage to internal tissues must be observed for a long time.
          Ultraviolet disinfection lamps must strictly abide by the operating procedures to avoid human exposure, so they are classified as medical device products. Ultraviolet lamps are very dangerous⚠️, be careful!


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