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          Can the power adapters around us be universal?
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          For example, mobile phones, computers and so on, nowadays more and more electrical equipment in my life need to use power adapters.
          There are also many mobile devices, almost all of which use power adapters. So can the power adapters of these electrical appliances be universal?
          Next, the technical staff of Yongleton, a mobile phone charger manufacturer, will explain for you whether the power adapter can be universal. First, the key points that different specifications of the power adapter can not be universal are as follows:
          The voltage must be the same, otherwise the electric appliances will be burnt down or will not work.
          (2) The output current of the power adapter must be greater than the working current of the electrical appliances, otherwise, the power adapter will burn out due to "overcurrent".
          (3) The interface between the power adapter and the electrical appliances must be matched, otherwise they cannot be connected.
          The positive and negative polarities should be consistent in order to avoid accidents.
          What kind of power adapter can be used universally? If the voltage is appropriate and the current is not less than the power adapter of the original power supply, it can be replaced. The proper voltage means that the voltage of the power adapter can be used as long as it is 4 V higher than the battery voltage of the notebook. Otherwise, because of the insufficient voltage, the working voltage difference required for the charging and maintenance circuit of the notebook can not be opened.
          For 11.1V batteries, the voltage of power adapter is above 15V, 14.8V batteries and above 19V.
          In conclusion, we should try our best to use the original charger in our life. This is mainly for the sake of safety. General manufacturers will provide the original adapter. If we can't find it, we can choose the same size of power adapter.
          Maybe many people don't know how to choose the power adapter in the process of choosing the power adapter. I have talked about how to choose the power adapter before. You can learn it together. First of all, the important point is that the output voltage of the two power adapters is the same. Second, although the nominal output of the latter adapter is about 1.3A larger than the former 3.34A, this current refers to continuous large output current. The output current of the power supply is not always constant and will automatically adjust with the weight of the load. When the load is heavy, such as charging while using the computer, at this time. The output current of the power adapter will increase significantly, even exceed the labeled output in a short time (if the battery is more than 3.34A after charging, the power consumption will decrease significantly (less than 3.34A or even only tens of mA current (sleep current). On the contrary, the output will be 19.5V.

          As we all know, the power adapter is made up of two parts, one is the power adapter, the other is the connection between the power cord and the laptop. When the part of the power adapter breaks down, sometimes I just replace the part and do not need to replace the part. This refers to borrowing other adapters, of course, buying a new set can also be done.
          Now the question is whether the power supply with the same nominal voltage can be used on the same notebook if the output current is different. The basic principle is that the power supply with large nominal current can replace the power supply with small nominal current.