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          LED switching power supply condition composition and note aspects
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          Among the types of switching power supply, LED switching power supply is a very hot topic, which is widely used in People's Daily life.Compared with several other supplies, waterproof switching power supply, high-power switching power supply, industrial control switching power supply LED power network have a certain advantage in.Specific users need to be aware of LED power usage on the network.In the future development of the switching power industry, LED power understandable will become a new bright spot in the power industry, this paper on the basic knowledge of LED power to organize some information.

          LED switching power supply several conditions: 1, dc 2, high frequency 3, switch.

          LED power supply composition: key electronic components include: LED diode, MOSFET and IGBT.SCR is only used in the input rectifier circuit and the soft start circuit of the switching power supply.GTR drive is more difficult, switching frequency is also low, gradually replaced by IGBT and MOSFET.

          There are only three points to note:

          One is that the power electronic devices work in the switching state rather than the linear state.

          Second, power and electrical devices work at high frequencies rather than low ones.

          Third, the switching power supply output is dc rather than ac.

          In the switching power network, LED power station is a large part of the current LED power development
          prospects are very good.Until a new technology revolution arrives, switching power and LED switching power share on the network and their own territory will remain.Until such supplies are no longer necessary on the Internet.



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