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          Proper selection of power adapter methods and precautions
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          Power adapters are as common as commodities, such as portable mobile phones, LED lights, routers, and laptops and printers.But many people are confused when choosing a power adapter. Here are three criteria to meet when choosing a power adapter.
           Three adaptation conditions were met
          1. The interface of the adapter matches the device.
          2. The output voltage must be the same as the rated input voltage of the load (mobile device), or within the voltage range that the load (mobile device) can bear, otherwise, it may burn the load (mobile device).
          3. The output current of the power adapter shall be equal to or greater than the current of the load (mobile device) to provide sufficient power.
          Principles of interpretation
          1. Article 1 no explanation is required. Do not insert mismatched interfaces without professional knowledge.
          2, for why the voltage is consistent, from the principle is this -- insufficient voltage, not enough to drive the load, the battery can not be charged normally, that is, in short supply.
          3. As for why such a current configuration is needed, it involves the principle of the circuit. As we all know, the power supply has internal resistance, and the greater the internal resistance, the greater the loss.Therefore, the manufacturer will determine that the no-load output voltage is within a certain range according to the internal resistance when producing this adapter, and the current critical value corresponding to the voltage critical value is the current nominal value we see. The larger the current nominal value is, the better the carrying capacity of the adapter will be.So instead of harming your battery, you can charge it faster by choosing an adapter with a slightly higher current.
          Matters needing attention
          Note the three principles, but they are not absolute. Circuits fill our daily lives.
          The correct choice of power adapter, the correct use, will not cause damage to electronic equipment, will not shorten the normal service life.


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