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          How should we choose the charger?
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          Charger is an important part of battery charging in the safety field, how should we choose chargers?

           1, about the upgrade options on charging:
          One of the main factors will be selected through two factors. The first is power, and sufficient power will be a key to increasing the charging speed; The other is the intelligent output on the current, which can disrupt the current limit of the digital device, but in terms of charging speed and safety. Intelligent current output is also a very important point. Its main principle is that it can detect how much current is required by the connected charging device to provide the corresponding current. So he can break through the current limit by the most suitable output of the current, and reach the optimal charging current of the access device such as the mobile phone during charging, so it can make the charging speed reach the best peak.

          2, digital equipment with current limit:

          Most code manufacturers limit the charging current of products produced by their own brands, that is, they must use the original charger to charge, otherwise they will be denied the input of current. In terms of security, this setting is good, but it is a very impersonal point in terms of convenience. In this case, we can choose to choose with smart current output.

          3, charger appearance material selection:

          The appearance of the charger is generally selected in the selection, as far as possible to use high-temperature fire protection material, which is more conducive to the damage caused by the use of excessive heat in the charger. If the use of inferior materials for charging, after a long period of time in the heat, it is easy to appear in the image of direct melting of the shell.

           4, charger current power selection:

          The input of a mobile phone charger is 5V1A, which means that 5W of current power is required. The tablet basically uses a current input of 5V2 .1 A, so its current power is 10.5 W. There are also a lot of chargers on the market that are actually not enough power, but they only meet a certain power output on the output of the interface, but in fact the power does not reach the corresponding value. So you have to choose from the power.

          5, about current voltage overload protection:

          The main function of the current voltage overload protection function is to play a function of the current and voltage stopping automatically due to excessive voltage in the charging. If the current and voltage exceed a certain limit, the charger will stop working. Of course, if the current surge does not rule out the charger will be directly damaged. But in this case, the current voltage overload protection also acts as a point to protect the device in the charge, so this should also be taken into account in the purchase.

          6, convenience considerations, a more than fill choice:

          There are more and more digital devices such as mobile phones. In many cases, we are always fully connected to the phone charger or flat plate charger on the top of a plug. Is it really OK for us to charge this way? What do you do if there are more devices to charge? So the rear choice charger a convenient choice, should be in multiple charges.




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