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          The World's First 5G Mobile Phone Connected in Shenzhen
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          Recently, Guangdong Unicom and ZTE made the first FirstCall based on the latest protocol version of 3GPP in Shenzhen 5G test field, and took the lead in enjoying excellent applications such as Wechat and Video under 5G network, which is of great significance to the 5G commercial process.

          This test adopts 5G end-to-end solutions that follow the protocol version of 3GPP on September 30, 2018, including core network, transmission bearer network, wireless network to terminal. The current network validates the latest key technologies such as large-scale antenna array, 5G new air port, NSA dual-connection mode, FlexE transmission technology, all-NFV virtualization core network and so on. Guangdong Unicom took the lead in realizing the successful docking of 5G mobile terminal and network through wireless mode, accelerating the maturity of 5G terminal industry chain.


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