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          Trends in the Market Development of Mobile Wireless Charger
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          Since IPhone officially introduced wireless charging,Other mobile manufacturer have joined this field.
          So far HUAWEI,MI have set to lauch the products of wireless charging.In 2019, There will still be promising future for the wireless charging in the market.
          The differentiation of wireless charger is main exterior,multi device charging.
          All kind of wireless charger have sprung up after iPhone company lauch the products of wireless charging,
          Although the market heat doesn't seem to be like the pre-launch of the iPhone in 2017, From view of more and more manufacturers and manufacturer who unrelated charger in the industry
          also launched the wireless charger, The market of wireless charging still are rapid growth.
          There are a wide variety of wireless charging,But we can find out 3 trends from the current market and the products have been showed in Computex 2018.
          The first is the difference in appearance. Since it takes time for each generation of Qi to change, the manufacturer has achieved the goal of product differentiation through the appearance of the charger when there is no significant change in the charging function and specifications, such as color and material (plastic Or wood), anti-skid coefficient, etc., there are also more and more upright chargers, giving users a better use of the situation when charging.
          Second, Apple's AirPower, which was released in 2017, can support simultaneous charging of multiple devices, and it also drives related manufacturers to develop in this direction. Although AirPower has not been officially launched for 9 months, it shows that there may be technical challenges, but other manufacturers are still developing multi-device chargers, hoping to win in this market.
          Third, Qi started to support 15 watts of fast charge after version 1.2, and the iPhone also chose 7.5 watts higher than the traditional 5 watts to achieve "micro fast charge". Therefore, manufacturers are also actively developing compatible iPhone 7.5W specifications, even 10W or more. Fast charge wireless charger.
          Samsung is the most active smart phone brand in the field of wireless fast charging. It is reported that its wireless charging fast charge can only run at 9 watts. It is still technically difficult to display a true and stable 10W fast charge. This is why Computex 2018 has a number of products known as "Really 10W", which means that even though Qi can support 15 watts, it is still challenging to make wireless charger products with stable performance and safety factor.
          Wireless fast charging is expected to be one of the main axes of wireless charging technology development in 2019.


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