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          How switch power adapter is lightning protected
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          In order to complete the unmanned power supply of contemporary communications switches, they all have short-distance monitoring compliance, such as remote communications, telemetry, and remote control. The associated flag signal line interface communication interval is long, and it is extremely vulnerable to the fact that the lightning failure is not good. Forming downtime and other matters, According to the letter out of the manufacturing department application should be equipped with the corresponding flag number lightning protection device to protect.

          First, the installation of a DC anti-mine device was proposed in the recently announced lightning protection scale, because the residual pressure of the DC anti-mine device is much lower than that of the AC anti-mine device, so it can effectively improve the rapid equipment of the communication switch power communication station ** * The dry material of the lightning electromagnetic pulse.

           Second, the lightning protection of the mine protection device intervention installation method has a careful intimacy related, if the main lead inductance will give birth to extra residual pressure, should shrink the connection between the power line and the mine protection device and the ground connection board. Length.
          Third, multi-stage placement of anti-mine devices can reduce the extra residual pressure brought by the lead inductor. Since the former anti-mine device has released a small amount of lightning current to the sky, the rear anti-mine device will only release a small amount of lightning current. The decrease of the thunder current must lead to the reduction of the additional residual pressure on the lead line. In order to cover the energy cooperation of the front and rear stages of the mine preventer, the length of the power cable between the mine preventers should not be less than 15 meters, otherwise the development energy cooperation of the decoupling device should be accepted.

          Fourth, the lightning protection of power cables entering the bureau is easy to attract attention, and the power lines of other communication stations are often faced with, such as lighting street lights, tower power lines, and non-telecommunications facilities renting telecommunications power lines. Nowadays it is advisable to take solar tower lamps, which can reduce a lightning strike invasion channel. Other exit power lines should be within the scope of concern for the lightning protection system, otherwise special lightning protection flashbacks should be taken.



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