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          The World's Top Manufacturer Visited KingRong
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          On September 8- 9, 2016, four member of the world's top water heater manufacturer visited our factory. The process mainly examine the quality assurance system, incoming/process/shipment/process quality control system, etc. At the same time, it also to follow up the producing orders, what ensures the quality of goods. Through the investigation, really makes our company a step closer to become an international large enterprise. On the one hand, our products received the affirmation of customers; On the other hand, we also recognize our shortcomings. For sure, we are 100% willing to improve ourselves. Each problems that customer pointed out, will be putted improvement in a timely manner and track the improve results. Meanwhile, we are deeply aware of the growth of an enterprise, the company system management can never just be an empty talk, is the real policy needs efforts to inject it into each employee's mind and activity.
          End of the audit, we held an emergency meeting for reflection. All we hope is to seize more opportunities to corporate with big company in the future.
          To be expected!

                                                                                                                                                                               Sharon W