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          Moive Recommendation:Having Dreams, Grow To Achieve Them—《Zoo Topia》
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          Dickens said that, it was the best of times,
          it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom,
          it was the age of foolishness.
          In ZooTopia, animals are also experiencing the best and the worst of times.
          Their city has been modernized, they are away from the savage state,
          no predators and the pursuit and killing of herbivores, court, police station, shops
          and a variety of advertising constitute the world, make up the time.
          However, the world is not perfect.
          In a civilized and order at the same time,
          there are bullying,  discrimination, and all kinds of injustice.
          By the way, fortunately, there are also dare to challenge the courage of injustice.
          If it is a comedy, then it must successfully achieve the effect.
          Whether the little hamster eating popsicle or a fox with large ears
          pretend to be an elephant, or a rabbit’s up and down big ears,
          and from time to time playing key role
          which in the imitation of apple brand recorder of carrot, funny,
          and the quality is quite high.
          "Life is not always goes well, we all make mistakes.
          How nature is not important, the important thing is that you begin to change."
          This is a story full of dreams and warmth,
          this is a story full of growth philosophy.
          It makes us appreciate the friendship in the laughter,
          in humor comprehension.
          Follow your dream, never give up,
          bravemove your feet and down to earth at the same time,
          growth stand by with you.
          This is probably the best for animals.
          And end this conversation is probably the most happiness grow –
          Nick: you know you love me!
          Judy: I know? I do know.

          (Sharon Wu)

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