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          IEC61347 Standard Lamps Power Supply CB, CE, EMF Certified
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          For every product, the essential ways to meet marketing needs are not only be testified by the market, but also  be improved by creation.  KRECO® does!

          In order to get satisfication from customers, we peruse to make the best quality products for the market.

          Under our efforts of all KRECO® staff, including electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, KRE-120yyyZ,CB, CE, EMF certified lamp power supplies accordance with IEC61347 standard. And we got the certificate

          Our company's Desk Lamp power supply and Auxiliary lighting power supply is in strict accordance with IEC61347 standards, each test by IEC61347 standard, fully compliant with IEC61347 standard of quality lamps power supply.

          You can buy our products safely.

          Choose us, you are right.

          From Kingrong Electronics(KRECO since 2008)

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