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          Opening Ceremony For New Office
          Add time:2013-08-04    Click:344

          In order to keep pace with our fast development, and expand our sales networks, we made a plan one year ago to move in the the new address, now, everything is ready.
          please visit us at:
          32 Cuihuju, YangguangMeijia, No.138 Minan Rd South, Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong 528415 China.

          We offer:
          Free parking
          Branded products.
          Product range: 3-360W switching power supply.
          Safety products, yes.
          Quality service, Yes.
          Service offered, Yes.
          We will hold an opening ceremony on 4 Aug 2013(this weekend), our valued customers, valued vendors, valued friends, valued person who care about us to be invited to join this opening ceremony.
          We will take photo and put it on website...
          If you have any quiry about products, please contact our sales.

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