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          Share characteristics of switching power supply and power adapter
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           With the rapid development of modern technology, more types of power adapters and switching power supplies continue to appear, but no matter the size and shape of power adapters or switching power supplies differ, their internal structure and characteristics generally do not change much.The following power adaptor manufacturers explain the characteristics of switching power supply and power adapter.
          1.Characteristics of switching power supply:
          The switching power supply USES the circuit control switch tube to carry on the high speed passage and the cut off, converts the direct current to the high frequency alternating current to provide the transformer to carry on the transformer to carry on the transformer to carry on the transformer to carry on the transformer to carry on the transformer to carry on the transformer to carry on the transformer, thus produces the needed one group or many groups of voltage.
          The reason for switching to HUAWEI'S HF AC is that the efficiency of HF AC in the transformer converter circuit is much higher than 50HZ, so the switching transformer can do very little, and it is not very hot when working, so the cost is very low.There's no point in switching power supplies if you don't turn 50HZ into high frequency.
          2. Characteristics of power adapter:
          The power adapter is a power converter (AC to DC), which converts alternating current to direct current. After passing through the computer, it cannot protect the computer. However, there is a memory (also known as the power adapter) inside the computer to store the power, so it can protect the computer in case of power failure.
          The power adapter is widely used in router, telephone mother-machine, game machine, language repeater, Walkman, notebook, mobile phone and other devices.Most power adapters can automatically detect 100 -- 240V ac (50/60 hz).
          Power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electronic electrical power supply conversion equipment, it puts the power supply outside, with a line and the host connected, so that the size and weight of the host can be reduced, only a very few equipment and electrical power built in the host.
          It is composed of power transformer and rectifier circuit, according to its output type can be divided into AC output type and DC output type;According to the connection mode can be divided into wall type and desktop type.Each power adapter has a nameplate indicating power, input/output voltage, and current, with special attention to the range of input voltages.
          3. Difference between power adapter and switching power supply
          Switching power supply and adapter are switching power supply, which are composed of high frequency switching tube and its control circuit.The adapter power supply is a voltage regulator switching power supply.


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