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          Three power adapter could not be general
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          In almost every smart devices, people more and more power adapter to match in the home. In notebook computers, for example, sometimes a laptop damage or upgrade, power adapter becomes a useless decoration. Some people choose to throw away, and some people choose to be used with other types of equipment, but in fact the same kind of power adapter is not necessarily general, this article will responsible for laptop power adapter is not general summarize the three common reasons.
          Interface to different
          Most laptop power adapter interface between different brand, this means that the application of other brand power adapter can't insert to your laptop to the power supply. Interface is a relatively safe, because at least you won't be inserted into the current or voltage is not in conformity with the power adapter to the notebook computer power supply, and lead to damage of computer hardware.
          The voltage is different
          Different brand notebook power adapter voltage is not the same, even if the power adapter interface is similar, also cannot apply different brands of laptop power adapter for power supply.
          Current different
          Different brand notebook power adapter current is also not the same.
          The interface is the most important, excuse if there is wrong is certainly will appear all sorts of all sorts of problems. Followed by the voltage, as long as the voltage is close to 5%, should can be generic. In addition is the current, the big electric current can be used in small current machine, but time shoulds not be too long. Finally is the interface compatibility issues, swap is certainly not possible.
          So the main cause of laptop power adapter is general interface, such as voltage, current three reasons. Believe you can after read this article on a laptop power adapter is not universal problems have a further understanding.
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