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          Improve the safety and reliability of the power adapter design tips
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          In everyday life we sometimes encounter power adapter appear a few small problems, the commonly used mobile phone chargers, PC power supply, and some small home appliance of damage of the power adapter. So how to design a safe and reliable, durable products?
          1, the voltage stress
          Power supply voltage stress is to guarantee the reliability of the power supply is an important indicator. There are many devices in power supply have prescribed maximum pressure value, such as: diode reverse pressure, maximum voltage IC, and the biggest pressure input and output capacitance. So we design must consider when device to withstand maximum voltage. And choose the appropriate device according to voltage, then the actual test verified.
          2, current stress
          Power supply current stress is often closely related to the thermal stress, such as diode current is 5 a, but it is the limit of the thermal stress derating for parameters. So when we choose the device must meet the device's current stress and thermal stress at the same time; Under the premise of thermal stress in the device, choose a suitable rated current value of the device can ensure the power supply reliability requirements.

          3. The protection circuit
          Protection circuit has specific input under-voltage protection, input output over-voltage protection, over-current protection, output short circuit protection and output over-voltage protection. In order to avoid power supply, when the input voltage is too low, the phenomenon of the abnormal work, power supply need to add input under-voltage protection; In order to avoid the input voltage is too high, so during the excess voltage stress, the power to add input overvoltage protection; In order to avoid overheating output over current and short circuit, leading to device, such as magnetic saturation phenomenon, power need to add the over-current protection and short circuit protection; To avoid power supply output voltage too high lead to damage of the power load, the power supply need to add the output over voltage protection.
          And EMC, safety, and overheating protection are the key factors influencing the power supply reliability.Zhongshan KRECO load to study to explore the experience for many years with a strong r&d team, help us to produce the high quality, stability, good variety of different specifications of power supply products.



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