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          How to use the neck massager
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          Neck massager is a dedicated to massage neck massager, what if the neck with disease, or cervical uncomfortable, very kind, in which case the massager to give yourself a massage to get better improvement effect, and a lot of people when using massager most will not use, especially those who just bought, when using the massager to what all don't understand, I wouldn't get a good massage effect, so how to use the neck massager?
          1. Compact cervical vertebra massager, hand massage pillow is a newly developed health care product combining traditional meridian massage and modern medical massage principle.There were six massage head, it has massage, hit two technique, can choose at will, can be in several areas of the body massage, massage taps. (with a manual device, can choose, the two sides to a direction for the massage, massage a direction for flipping massage) can effectively replace artificial massage, stretch the whole body tense muscles and muscle, relieve tension and pressure of the body, make whole body relaxed, more can promote the body's blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, prevention so as to achieve the effect of physical health.
          2. The two groups of infrared warm moxibustion methods, promote metabolism, enhance blood circulation, alleviate neuralgia, eliminate muscle fatigue;Regulating qi and nourishing blood, adjusting viscera function, enhancing human immunity;(You can also choose to use in the other direction without far infrared.)
          3. At the same time, its unique stepless speed regulation is not graded.The speed can be adjusted manually according to the needs of the individual body, so that users can enjoy more reasonable massage fun.
          4, more in the machine set up automatic sensor, in the speed has reached the limit, if not satisfied with your body needs to increase the strength, as long as the body lean on the massage mat, automatic sensor can increase the strength according to the pressure of your body.
          5, the function of thermal protection can avoid burning caused by overheating of the machine. It will automatically stop the protection of the machine at a certain temperature. After cooling, it can be re-operated, and massage the shoulder.It has massage, percussion and far-infrared functions, can effectively replace the artificial massage, stretch the body tense bones and muscles, reduce the tension and pressure of the human body, can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, speed up the metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of disease prevention and health care.

          When give yourself when selecting a massager to massage the neck can according to this way to give yourself a massage, give you massage the neck to fully relax and let your neck disease under certain improvement, remember when the neck uncomfortable more twist your neck, so as to fully relax and remember when using the massager according to your demand.



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