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          What is the development trend of the power adapter industry?
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          Although the power adapter is a traditional industry, but also has been in continuous development, so what is the development trend of the power adapter? The power adapter is increasingly moving into the direction of green and miniaturization.

          Greening. Green energy saving will be the future focus on the development of customized power supply products. Domestic for strict environmental protection will make a variety of intelligent switch power technology is widely used, the power supply structure from centralized to distributed development.
          Miniaturization. Small high frequency switching power supply and its technology has become the mainstream in the modern power system. Miniaturization, reduce the weight of the power supply is especially important in communication power supply products. Therefore, increase the power density of switch power supply and power conversion efficiency, make the miniaturization, lightweight, is people to constantly strive for goals. High-frequency soft switch technology, as one of the main technical means of the power miniaturization, in recent years is one of the hot topics in the study of international power electronics industry.
          In mountain view rong electronic developed fashion and light power adapter, which has pushed the power adapter to another new peak, the power adapter is brought to the light and the direction of the fashion tide, thus the power adapter look the sense that gives a person is no longer as before the appearance of the single and not beautiful impression.



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