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          What is the standard and non-standard power adapter
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          the raw material cost gap, is the power adapter is completely in accordance with the standards of safety, electrical capacitance, safety devices, etc, a cannot little, mostly use the well-known built-in IC, ensure safety, pay attention to performance, increase product life. Non-standard power adapter on the capacitance can be small size, safety device, the province will save, which IC which is cheap to use. It down, it can only guarantee the basic output voltage and current, and even some ingredients contain virtual target, 0.5 A written as 1 A, 1.5 A written 2 A, abound.

          2: the manufacture and quality cost gap, according to the relationship between ISO quality system to go or not, can affect a product to a large extent the cost of production process and quality inspection process, electronic products, such as the power adapter in the process of production, the degree of professional personnel, each of the original welding power source, will seriously affect the stand or fall of a product, in the process of aging, whether all aging, aging time have a guarantee, all is closely related to the quality of the product. Quality monitoring process, the proportion of detection, detection technique, testing instrument, are not allow to ignore.

          3: after costs, we all know that apple mobile phone explosion, samsung NOTE 7 explosion. Why is that? Because they are the benchmark of the industry, they make products should be good, and this is our subconscious inside the established, once they appear problem, you should not. But we should believe that other small making small shanzhai companies, they sell more mobile phone charge explosion. But we don't know. If, apple, samsung mobile phones, on the edge of your hand, you can look for apple and samsung. If unfortunately, on the edge of your hand phone you also don't know is which production, even burst, who you can find again.

          Just a little, of course, the above said. Everybody to want to believe that a price points a points goods. BMW mercedes-benz is expensive has its reason. If the power adapter is its quality whether pass through safety certificate of guarantee.

          The power adapter also passed the CE, CB, GS, BS, UL, CUL, FCC, PSE, KC, CCC and SAA certification. The control of its safety performance is also very strict, fully reflects the kreco consistent good quality, to make it stand out among similar products.

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