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           There are many kinds of power adapters, different power, different sizes, different pins and so on.Why do power adapters need CE certification? 

          CE certification, mainly for the European market, the domestic production of power adapters exported to the European market, the product must pass the CE certification, which is also a mandatory certification in Europe.First of all, CE certification is mainly composed of LVD certification and EMC certification. LVD refers to safety and EMC refers to electromagnetic compatibility.In addition, there are RoHS test reports. Of course, at the same time, products also need to be certified for ERP energy efficiency. At present, level 6 energy efficiency standards are mandatory in the United States, and level 6 energy efficiency certification has been implemented for some products in Europe.

          And finally,Power adapter factory manufacturer when doing product certification, be sure to get the certification body, what is not just any agency can do CE certification, do CE certification qualification must get to know each other first, otherwise the consequences will be very serious, the European market for fake CE product was very severe 




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