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          Why are power cats left out in the cold
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          Many people do not consider the problem of network coverage when they are decorating their houses. Because there are not enough network lines reserved, they can only consider using WiFi for network transmission.In fact, as early as ten years ago, a kind of power cat technology appeared, which is to carry out network data transmission through the 220V alternating current line of the home circuit, so as to solve the two problems of wireless network instability and network transmission.
          Why are so few people using this seemingly beautiful technology today?
          First of all, the electric cats must be used in pairs, and the selling price of a single electric cat is much more expensive than the traditional wireless router. In addition, electric cats often need to be equipped with wireless network transmission module or external router to expand the wireless network, which leads to the high cost of using this way to set up the network.
          After that, the use conditions of electric cats are harsh.Power cat must work under the same electricity meter, and plug in the power socket board will greatly affect the transmission effect, generally required to install on the wall of the type 86 power socket, but now there are high-end models can be used in the socket board, but the price will be much higher.In addition, devices such as air switches attached to electrical wires can interfere with transmission.

          There is a big gap between theoretical speed and actual speed due to interference.Because the power cat USES the power line as the carrier transmission medium, once the home connection too many high power electrical appliances, will greatly affect the waveform of the carrier, causing strong interference.In fact, the actual transmission speed of 200M electric cat is below 40M, and it is easy to form the phenomenon of reduced speed and increased delay in the evening rush hour.At present, it is difficult to meet the demand for such stability.
          In terms of home network coverage, it is better to arrange the network cable of each room in advance during decoration, and plan the location of the optical cat and wireless router in advance.If it is no conditions to rearrange cables, USES electricity the cat is a kind of available options, but suggest to choose gigabit power cat equipment specifications, and try to arrange in the same air switch circuit is close under the two positions, try not to in the circuit connected to the power electronics, power cat below 300 m model requires careful consideration.If the budget is not high, you can try two router wireless relay or directly change the location of the light cat.



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