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          Switching power adapter advantages
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          Switching power adapter has the advantages of compact appearance, easy to carry, wide variety of USES, suitable for various environments, reliable quality and so on.
          The switching power adapter is usually made up of a housing, a power transformer, and a distilling circuit.The nominal voltage on the power adapter refers to the voltage when the power supply is not connected to the load and there is no current. It is also the maximum voltage that the power supply can output.Knowing the components of a switching power adapter gives you a way to repair if something goes wrong.
          First of all, we can check whether the power line is faulty, whether the power line is damaged, whether the contact port is oxidized, and whether the input and output lines are energized. If so, the problem can be solved by replacing the power line.Second, the output voltage may be too high or too low.The output voltage may be too high if there is a problem with the voltage stabilizing sampling or the voltage stabilizing control circuit.The switching power supply load short circuit, output voltage filter capacitance or rectifier diode failure, increase in the internal resistance of the power supply will be too low output voltage.This situation can be targeted to solve.
          Sometimes the fuse is normal but does not have the output voltage, so at this moment to check the boot voltage value, to see if there is leakage.Another situation is the insurance burn off situation, in this case the checkpoint is the rectifier bridge, various diodes, switching tubes and large filter capacitance, but also because of interference circuit problems.In particular, the breakdown of the switch tube, not only burn out insurance, more likely to burn out the power supply control chip, current detection resistance, thermistor, etc., can also be said that the entire power adapter can be out of service.
          Above is the basic knowledge of the switch power adapter, switch power adapter needs a stable running environment, the general use should pay attention to voltage protection, avoid no load, short circuit and other protection, in case the switch power adapter burned out.



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