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          Lightning damage to the power supply
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          The insiders know that lightning is very destructive, mainly including direct lightning, lightning induction, lightning wave intrusion and ground voltage counterattack. The most common electronic equipment hazards are not caused by direct lightning strikes, but by current surges induced in power and communication lines when lightning strikes occur. On the one hand, due to the highly integrated internal structure of the electronic device (VLSI chip), the level of withstand voltage and overcurrent resistance of the device is reduced, and the withstand capability of lightning (including inductive lightning and operating overvoltage surge) is reduced. The signal source path is increased, and the system is more susceptible to lightning wave intrusion than before. Surge voltage can be plugged into computer equipment from power lines or signal lines.

          First, the power surge
          Power surges are not only caused by lightning strikes. Power surges occur when power systems experience short-circuit faults and heavy loads. The power grid stretches for thousands of miles, and the probability of lightning strikes or line surges is high. When a lightning strike occurs a few hundred kilometers away from you, lightning surges are transmitted through the grid's speed of light. After attenuating through the substation, there may still be thousands of volts when it reaches your computer. This high voltage is very short, only tens to hundreds. Microseconds, or not enough to burn the computer, but it is very harmful to the semiconductor components inside the computer, just like the noise of the old sound is bigger than the new one because the internal components are damaged, as these damages deepen, the computer It is also getting more and more unstable, or it may cause the loss of your important data. The United States GE company measured the low voltage distribution line (110V) of ordinary households, restaurants, apartments and other low-voltage distribution lines (110V) in the 10 000 hours (about one year and two months), the number of surge voltages that exceeded the original working voltage more than doubled to 800. For the rest of the time, there are more than 300 times in excess of 1000V. Such surge voltages are entirely possible to damage electronic equipment at one time.

          Second, the signal system surge
          The main sources of signal system surge voltage are induced lightning, electromagnetic interference, radio interference and static interference. Metal objects (such as telephone lines) are affected by these interfering signals, which can cause errors in the data being transmitted, affecting the accuracy of transmission and the transmission rate. Eliminating these interferences will improve the transmission of the network.



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