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          The role of the power adapter
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          Believe everyone not strange for power adapter, because only the computer, will be able to meet the power adapter, power adapter also belong to one of the charger, and a lot of people will be confusing the charger and adapter, but in fact, there are some differences between the two front we have talked about what is the difference between the charger and adapter, you can consult, power adapter is a small power supply power transformation equipment, used in portable electronic devices or electronic appliances, so what's the use of the power adapter on earth?
          Like our common game console, walkman, laptop, mobile phone and so on all need power adapter.Simply put, the power adapter is the role of voltage change, that is, the AC high voltage, through the rectification of the power adapter, voltage change, into a low voltage DC point, such as input: 100-240vac50-60hz output: 12VAC1A this is the high voltage 100-240v into a low voltage 12V.
          Generally speaking, there is a brand name on the power adapter, the following represents the power, output input voltage and current and other targets, especially pay attention to the category of output voltage, add to the power supply voltage only 100V range is, this feature is very effective.Can say: the function of the power adapter is to convert voltage, current function.
          What is a power adapter for?Share here, the power adapter is a small portable electronic devices and electronic power supply power transformation equipment, its external power supply, and host connected by a line, so that we can reduce the volume and weight of the host, only a tiny number of built-in off the electricity supply equipment and appliances within the host, power adapter main role is to conversion of voltage and current, make the equipment safe range.



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