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          ExportBureau is a free dedicated manufacturing company and export information directory.
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          Please look at the information I copy from ExportBureau, it is really amazing thing.
          It is a free information directory for all manufacturers including kreco.

          Founded in 1998 ExportBureau widely regarded as one of the most respected export associations for manufacturer companies on the internet. Drawing on a team of international industry veterans including the largest international sales agent professional network. ExportBureau provides one of the most popular manufacturing company networks in the world for international import quantity buyer communities.
          *We are not administered, associated or influenced by the United States of America in any way.
          Approved company membership is completely free, providing direct email contact for buyers and free instant online company history reports, fraud reports as well as the international trade statistics available free to the worldwide public for every major industrial category.
          Unlike many other trade directories we only allow export companies with dedicated websites so as to ensure a high degree of integrity you can develop a stress free relationship with our extensive manufacturers database in every category around the world.
          Many export or trade directories allow undocumented members with little or no company authentication.  Many trade sites also enable anonymous users to generate professional looking websites which take only minutes to set up and appear as if authentication with the reputable host trade site has occurred when actually only an anonymous email address identifies the contact. This environment breeds large scale fraud, conmen and scam artists who take advantage of this lack of identification. 
          Any serious importer or exporter knows all too well the high level of trust involved with international transactions, many times involving the electronic transfer of large sums to parties with little or no previous dealings. provides a free company report on all of its members and is able to effectively enforce resolutions against offending or fraudulent companies due to its high international visibility.

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