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Charger manual (input and output can be customized)
1. Introduction to Features
1. The charger adopts constant power charging, internal use integrated operational amplifier technology, precise control of the charging current, effectively extending battery life.
2. Intelligent voltage limit: Pulse width modulation (PwM) technology and accurate sampling are used to prevent battery overcharging
3. Automatic floating charge: When the battery is nearly fully charged, the output will automatically change to a floating charge state to protect the battery and ensure the charging power.
4. With short circuit protection and overcharge protection functions, it can effectively extend battery life.
2. Main technical parameters
Input voltage: AC 180V-220V, 5060HZ
Maximum output voltage:
24V DC 29.5V±0.5V
60V DC 72.5±0.5V
48V DC 50V±0.5V
72V DC 88.5±0.5V
Charging current: It depends on the battery capacity, generally 0.15×C (capacity) ± 0.2A
3. Instructions
1. This charger is suitable for charging various electric vehicle batteries that use lead-acid gel batteries. When charging, please make sure that the model of the charger matches the battery pack being charged. For example, the model 6020 charger can only supply 5 series 12V-20AH
Battery pack charging, etc.
2. Before charging, please connect the charger to the battery first, and then plug in the AC power plug.
3. After charging, first unplug the 220V AC power supply, and then unplug the battery connector.
4. The red light is on to indicate that it is charging, and the green light is on to indicate that it is in the floating charge state and can be put into use. Generally, it needs to be charged for another 1 to 2 hours to ensure the charging power.
5. The charging time is generally 8~10 hours (depending on the battery condition).

Four, matters needing attention:
1. When charging, keep good ventilation and heat dissipation.
2. When the charger is charging, there is high voltage in the machine, please do not open it by yourself to avoid electric shock or malfunction.
3. The charger is strictly protected against water and dust, keep children away from it, and cannot be carried with the car to avoid vibration damage.
4. Battery chargers with different specifications and characteristics cannot be used indiscriminately.
5. For a charger with a fan, the fan does not work when the green light is on, and the fan only works when the red light is on.
6. When the charger's output plug is square-headed, N is positive and L is negative. (If there is a label on the charger shell, the label shall prevail)
Float voltage:
24V: 27.5V±0.5V
60V: 68.5V±0.5V
48V: 55.5V±0.5V
72V: 84.5V±0.5V
Operating temperature: Please use indoors at -10℃~+40℃.