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          The principle of the fascia gun, the use of the fascia gun
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          What is fascia

          Fascia refers to the connective tissue in the motor system and the tough outer membrane that surrounds the organs.Think back to when you cut meat and see if you've ever seen some white film on it, or white sinews.That's right, that's what we call the fascia.

          When our muscles feel pain, the problem may not be the muscle tissue itself, but the fascia surrounding it.New research suggests that changes and damage to the fascia are the main causes of muscle pain.Muscle pain, caused by changes or damage to the fascia caused by strenuous exercise, occurs in the deep white fascia, not in the red muscle tissue.

          Relaxation of fascia regeneration exercises

          For the fascia changes and damage, can be repaired by self-massage, so that its vitality.Massage is a purely physical mechanism that facilitates the exchange of fluids in the fascia and assists in the excretion of metabolic wastes, thereby improving the nutritional supply to the fascia and related organs.

          The foam roller, the fascia ball massage, which we often use to repair the fascia, takes advantage of this principle. They are called regeneration exercises.
          The fascial gun actually does the same thing, but it USES the mechanical principle of vibration, and through the fascial gun, the vibration is transmitted to the deep fascial muscle, so as to relax the fascial membrane and reduce the muscle tension.Muscle tone is how tense our muscles are when we're not moving. A high-quality muscle should be strong, flexible, and able to contract and expand freely.Some people have higher muscle tone, harder muscle relaxation and a greater risk of injury.
          Therefore, fascial guns are very suitable for people who work out or exercise regularly.A fascial gun can stimulate a decrease in the adhesion of the fascia, so that the fascia does not tightly wrap around the muscle, affecting muscle activity, reducing muscle stiffness and soreness, and increasing blood circulation and range of motion.MARASIL slim-shaping massage device, about the size of a domestic hair dryer;It is easy to carry and can be used anytime and anywhere.
          In addition, many people face the computer for a long time, lack of physical exercise, fascia gun to expand the intervertebral space, periarthritis of shoulder, psoas muscle strain, foot massage, increase the blood flow rate has a good effect;It is also good for preventing back pain.On the one hand, the deep back muscles are strengthened and on the other hand, the painful tensing of the superficial muscles of the back and neck is eliminated.


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